TFB is a well-prepared and dynamic company.


Our strengths are:
Uniqueness, as we propose new solutions on the market.
Experience, as we have countless references in Europe and internationally.
Flexibility, because we can meet the most diverse market needs.


We meet your requirements with the most suitable solution for your needs.


The experience gained over the years and the continuous search for cutting-edge solutions to improve development make us the ideal partner for your company.


As specialists in automation, we offer a unique product. We produce special standardised machines with quick changeovers to meet your needs, thus being able to reuse production lines while saving time and money.

We also manufacture special dedicated machines and full-automation systems.
We create solutions for companies that want to optimise their production processes and their product.


Our team, made up of specialised technicians, follows all the phases (study, design, construction, installation, software, on-board wiring, commissioning and product support) in-house, with high flexibility in production times.

As a single company at your service for every need, Tfb automation has created a complete service which is outstanding in terms of response to an increasingly demanding market.
We also provide mechanical machining and pre-assembly on behalf of third parties based on customer’s drawings.


Please contact us for more details.